Choices To Make When You Book An Indian Head Massage

17 February 2023
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If you've recently heard about a unique type of massage treatment called Indian head massage and found that a clinic in your area offers it, you may be excited to book a session to see what this type of massage is all about. Deeply relaxing and helpful for dealing with headaches and a variety of other health issues, Indian head massage is quite different from the other massage therapy sessions you've had in the past. It's common to have your therapist give you several choices to make when you arrive for your appointment. Here are three choices to think about.

Body Position

While you'll alternate between lying on your front and back during most types of massage, there's more flexibility when it comes to getting an Indian head massage. In this treatment, you'll often have the choice of lying down or sitting upright in a chair. Each body position has different advantages. Some people find that lying down during the session can be more relaxing. When you sit up, however, your massage therapist may be able to more easily reach every part of your scalp.

Use Of Oils

You'll also have the choice of whether or not your massage therapist uses oils during your Indian head massage session. A lot of therapists will recommend the use of oils. Not only do they help the therapist's fingers to move more easily around your head and neck, but they also contain gently scented essential oils that may help you to relax. There may be some scenarios in which you don't want oils, however. For example, if you have a work-related event or important function soon after your treatment, you won't want oils in your hair.

Face Treatment

Although its name might suggest that it only involves treatment for the head, Indian head massage sessions can often focus on other parts of your body. For example, your therapist will typically work on your neck and may also spend some time on your shoulders, too. Often, they'll ask you if you want them to massage your face. Your face has numerous pressure points that the therapist can gently treat to help you relax. People have different levels of comfort about having their face touched, however, so you can decide what suits you best and then share this information at the start of your appointment.

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