The Benefits And Elements Of A Pregnancy Massage

13 April 2021
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When you're pregnant, you can start to feel like everything is about your baby. But while it is important to keep your little one's care and health in mind, it's also important to take some time and focus on your own health and well-being. A healthy, happy mom makes for a healthy, happy baby. One way to take better care of yourself during pregnancy is by getting pregnancy massages. Keep reading to learn what a pregnancy massage involves, and what its benefits are. Read More 

Tips For Surviving And Thriving In Massage Therapy School

19 October 2020
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Massage is a very important and effective therapy, and in attending massage therapy school, you are learning a very marketable skill. However, massage therapy school can be challenging — there is a lot to do, and there's a lot to learn. Below, you will find some tips to help you survive, thrive, and become a better massage therapist throughout your time in a massage therapy program. 1. Space your classes out. Read More 

What Is Cupping And How Can It Help You?

10 February 2020
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Cupping is becoming more popular all the time, but the name alone won't tell you much about this particular procedure. If you're curious about cupping but don't really know anything about it, this guide can help. Variant of Massage At its core, cupping is a form of massage that originated in China. Cupping utilizes glass cups to create suction on the skin. There are two ways that it can do this. Read More 

Give Your Wife The Gift Of Pampering For Christmas

24 November 2019
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Is your wife the type of person who is very hard to shop for? Or, maybe you are in a financial position that she can go out and buy pretty much anything that strikes her fancy. In that case, maybe you are having trouble deciding on what to buy your wife for Christmas? You might think of her as the woman who already has everything she needs.  Maybe this Christmas is the one when you won't give your wife something tangible. Read More 

Pamper Your Wife On Her Birthday

22 October 2019
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Does your wife have a birthday coming up? If that's the case, you are smart to be thinking of what you will do to make it a very special day. Maybe you learned that one year when you inadvertently forgot your wife's birthday. Or, maybe somebody like your mother or your aunt has drilled into you that wives love special treatment on their birthdays. Do you already have your wife's birthday planned? Read More