Lower Back Pain Relief: Chair Massage Tips For Home

14 June 2017
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Worldwide, lower back pain is the leading the cause of disability. If you count yourself among the masses who suffer from lower back pain, you know that finding relief from the pain can be life changing. One possible remedy that you might not considered yet is healing power of massage.

Here are some ways to help you use massage to find lasting lower back pain relief:

Chair Massage

Unlike regular, full-table, massage, chair massages are efficient and cost effective. From shopping malls to airports, you can find a chair massage provider just about anywhere you go.

  • Personal Touch: book chair massages with a provider that you trust and are able to meet with consistently. Having a masseuse who knows your body and your symptom, can make the massage more effective.

  • Be Vocal: your massage dollars a limited by time. To get the most out of each massage session, it's critical to be vocal. Tell your masseuse exactly where the pain is localized and the specific symptoms associated with the lower back pain.

  • Relax: when you're suffering from lower back pain, it's easy to forget that a massage is designed to be relaxing. Indeed, your masseuse is more likely to be effective if your muscles are relaxed and your spine is in a rested state. If you're struggling to relax during your massage, simply focus on taking deep breaths (through your mouth) and exhaling slowly (through your nose).

Between Massages

Between each chair massage, you have the power to impact your lower back pain. Here are a few ways to prompt the healing effects of your chair massage between your massage sessions.

  • Take a Stand: lower back pain is often a symptom of a rounded spine and poor posture. Indeed, your back muscles can atrophy and weaken if you spend too many of your waking hours sitting. Whether you're using a fancy smartwatch or you make a point to stand every 15 minutes, simply standing more often can help you strengthen your lower back muscles and straighten your spine.

  • Take a Walk: much like sitting, maintaining a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to lower back pain.  Making a point to take a daily stroll can make you lengthen your spine and keep your lower back muscles limber. When you take your daily strolls it's important to make sure that your shoulders are back, your chest is open, and you're walking so that your head is parallel to your hips.

Lower back pain can be debilitating. Fortunately, you can combat chronic lower back pain with massage and a few changes to your routine. For more information, talk to a professional like Body Well Mobile Massage.