What To Expect From Your First Acupuncture Treatment

22 June 2017
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Whether you are using acupuncture to help with pain or stress, you may be wondering what your first appointment will be like. Taking some time to learn what to expect can help you to feel more at ease during the session. Here are a few things to expect during your appointment.

Pre-Treatment Exam

Just as you would with any doctor's appointment, you'll have an exam before your acupuncture treatment. You'll be asked to discuss the reason for your visit, as well as any medical conditions that you suffer. You may have your pulse and temperature taken during the exam, and the acupuncturist may examine the parts of your body that seem to be giving you trouble. Be prepared for this by allowing extra time for your appointment to be complete, so avoid scheduling anything immediately after the treatment.  

Slight Discomfort During The Treatment

Acupuncture uses fine needles to target areas of your body for therapy. While they don't hurt in the way that a needle used for a vaccination might, you may still feel some discomfort or a dull ache at the site of the needle insertion. You may also feel tingling at the site instead of discomfort. However, if you do feel sharp or severe pain, it's important that you let your acupuncturist know right away. In some cases, you might even feel strange floods of emotion, which could range from happy to sad. Your acupuncturist can stop the treatment if the emotions you experience are too painful for the session to continue. If you have issues with needles in general, such as fainting or feeling lightheaded, discuss this with your primary care physician before scheduling an acupuncture appointment.

Post-Treatment Recommendations

Your acupuncture treatment doesn't necessarily end when the needles have been removed. Your acupuncturist may want to discuss other options to help you tend to your physical or emotional needs. This could involve the use of herbal teas or supplements, or it might include scheduling more sessions to help you manage your pain. Don't be surprised if the session runs for some time after the actual treatment is over.

Be sure to partner with your primary care physician when scheduling acupuncture. You can reap the benefits of Eastern and Western medicines if you keep them both under the guidance and supervision of one doctor. You may find that a combination of modern medical treatments and acupuncture can help you with chronic conditions and other ailments for a well-rounded approach.