Three Indicators That Suggest Thai Massage Is Right For You

24 June 2017
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If you enjoy getting massages from a local therapist and you learn that he or she has trained in a new form of massage, you might be curious to explore it. Some massage therapists will branch out to offer various other forms of massage, including Thai massage. This isn't a type of massage with which you might be familiar, and it's highly different from the Swedish massage that you're likely used to. Anyone can benefit from Thai massage, but you might be a perfect candidate if you're in one of these three situations.

You Enjoy Yoga

There are definitely some similarities between Thai massage and yoga. Unlike other forms of massage, Thai massage occurs on the floor. The massage therapist will often cover the floor with yoga mats and blankets. In Thai massage, your therapist will stretch and contort your body, while also giving various parts a pleasant massage. When your body is bent in certain ways, you won't be able to help feeling a similarity to some different yoga postures. Unlike yoga, however, you're not doing the work. In Thai massage, your role is a passive one, which can make this form of massage deeply relaxing.

You're Uncomfortable With Undressing

No matter how many times some people visit the massage therapist, they may never lose the uncomfortable feeling that they experience with being partially or fully undressed under one or more sheets as they lie on the table. Whether you feel a little self-conscious about your body or you're just not fond of being partially undressed in front of others, Thai massage can be a perfect choice for you. In this type of treatment, you remain fully clothed, given that you'll be on the ground with the therapist and no sheets are used to drape your body. Keep in mind that you'll want to wear comfortable, stretchy clothing for a Thai massage to allow your body to move freely.

You Wish To Improve Your Range Of Motion

A key benefit of Thai massage is that it can help you to become more flexible. While this goal might not happen in a single treatment, the stretches that your massage therapist puts your body through can be effective for loosening up right muscles and helping to improve your range of motion. Whether you're not as flexible as you used to be, you're looking to start playing sports and want more flexibility, or you feel stiff much of the time, Thai massage can help you to move with greater ease.

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