Want To Travel? You May Be Able To Find Massage Work In These Areas

17 July 2017
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If you work as a massage therapist, you might either work in a clinic setting, out of your own home, or both. If you love your career and are eager to pursue it in different ways, there are a number of opportunities that you can explore. Massage therapy is highly mobile — in other words, it's a skill that you can take with you if you're interested in traveling to a new location to work. While you'll need to get work visas and other paperwork figured out if you plan to work in a different country, there are a number of areas in which you can often work as a massage therapist. Here are some suggestions.

On A Cruise Ship

It's often possible to gain employment as a massage therapist on a cruise ship. This is one way to get to travel, even if you will be working for part of the day. When you work as a massage therapist on a cruise ship, you'll see a number of clients during your shift. Afterward, however, you'll get a chance to enjoy the amenities of the ship, while also exploring the cities at which the ship stops if you have enough time off. You may receive room and board as part of your payment, but given that the new working environment is enticing, you might not mind accepting a little less than you get paid at home.

At A Resort

There are several domestic and international resorts that hire massage therapists to make their guests comfortable, so you might also think about getting hired by one of these organizations. If you prefer to work domestically, there are many resorts in virtually every part of the country. If you want to experience a new climate and enjoy a change of scenery during the hours in which you're not working, looking internationally might be the best choice for you. At some resorts in warm climates, you may even have the opportunity to work with clients on the beach.

With A Sports Team

College and professional sports teams of all types will often travel with massage therapists. If you're interested in sports (or you're simply skilled in treating athletes) this might be an avenue to explore. You'll enjoy being able to prepare athletes for competition by loosening up their muscles through massage, while also treating aches and pains to help athletes avoid being sidelined. Additionally, you'll get to work in a variety of locations throughout the sports season.

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