Pamper Your Wife On Her Birthday

3 July 2019
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Is your wife having a birthday in the near future? What a perfect time to express love and appreciation, right? Do you already have her gifts purchased? Have you planned a special event? If so, you're all set. Or, it might be that you are still in the planning stages of your wife's birthday. If that's the case, from pampering her with massage therapy services to preparing a gift basket for her present, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a wonderful day that she'll always remember.

Arrange For Massage Therapy Services - If you've ever had a massage yourself, you'll probably be the first to say that the massage felt a bit like heaven on earth. Maybe your wife has had massages herself, and she has proclaimed that each one was a fabulous experience. Whether your wife has had a massage in the past, or she has never had one, don't you think a gift card to a massage therapy facility would be a gift your wife will love and appreciate?

How much money have you allotted for your wife's birthday massage gift? For example, will she be going in for one massage or will you buy her a year's membership where she has a certain number of massages as part of a package? 

Think of giving your wife an extra special gift that includes something different. Maybe she has never had a hot stone massage, for instance. Or, make it a romantic event by arranging for a couples massage.

​Create A Gift Basket - The massage will be a gift in itself, of course. However, maybe you also want to give your wife a tangible present. If that's the case, have you considered creating a gift basket that includes pampering items? For example, things like oil of lavender, hand and body lotion, scented candles, and her favorite perfume might be the perfect things to put in her gift basket.

If you do create a gift basket for your wife's birthday, think of adding her favorite chick flick to the basket. For example, she probably loves movies like Pretty Woman, You've Got Mailor Sleepless In Seattle. Any Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly movies would probably be great choices, too. And, of course, include decadent treats like dark chocolates in the gift basket.

No matter what you put in the gift basket, don't forget a card with a beautiful birthday message as part of the gift. That might be the gift she loves the most.